#12 Defeater’s Discography pt.2: Empty Days

- 11/10/13 12:50

Empty Days (& Sleepless Night) est le deuxième album de Defeater et se déroule en parallèle de l’histoire de Travels. Le récit débute juste après les évènements du morceau « Forgiver Forgetter » dans l’album Travels mais du point de vue du frère…

Cover [MBH]

#11 Defeater’s Discography pt.1: Travels

- 15/09/13 23:44

Pour des raisons plus qu’évidentes, nous n’avons pas pris la peine d’inclure dans les articles la trentaine de textes qui ont été étudiés pour les bienfaits de cette analyse. Ce qu’il y a d’intéressant avec la discographie de Defeater c’est…


#10 Aimless Arrow

- 24/08/13 02:05

The Lyrics : To live the life you want You’ve abandoned those in need A necessary casualty Or so you believe Your wake will always travel And well up in the eyes Of those that you sacrificed In order to survive…


#9 Bible Crumbles

- 03/08/13 14:07

The Lyrics : You know me I’m a one man army with more then a trick up these sleeves So nothing ever gonna stop me You should know you Life comes at you fast And its gonna take all you got…


#8 No Remorse, No Regrets

- 21/07/13 15:25

The Lyrics : This is all too much to deal with, there is no clear path As we fall to pieces everything erodes And I won’t just stand here for nothing My hands hold on to the rags that we have…


#7 Hey John, What’s Your Name Again ?

- 08/07/13 18:07

  The Lyrics : The concept of fashion is the one to blame. Painting the portrait of Conviction-less existence. Well, it must be difficult being so gorgeous. Well it must be difficult, Claiming to be the kings and queens But it’s…


#6 Philosophical Research Society

- 27/03/13 22:08

The Lyrics : From the lines of this book, learn everything that
the believers of the cross are still hiding from you. Free your mind of imprisonment. Destroy these walls to build new ones ready to bear the weight of truth. O…


#5 A Home For The Homeless

- 27/03/13 22:06

  The Lyrics : What’s the point of living, when it’s living just for the sake of dying? Empty handed we come and empty handed we go. Empty handed we all come and go. Still, richer is a newborn child naked…


#4 Note To Self

- 27/03/13 22:01

  The Lyrics : Two roads split off from here, and my life goes running in opposite directions. Exaggerating the barrier between who I am, and who I want to be. I wanted to be that breath of fresh air, When…


#3 Ambitions

- 27/03/13 22:00

  The Lyrics : With your heart in my hands
and the ambition of things to change Do we understand why or is it just so we remember our names? Remember to breathe as it gets colder Remember to write as you…